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Design & Technology


Ms R. Hawley - Head of Design & Technology

Dsc 3292Design & Technology is a popular and successful part of the school curriculum and provides many extra-curricular opportunities for the students.
At KS3 we aim to provide students with the opportunity to combine creative thinking with the development of practical and technological skills to design and make products and systems.

The department has four specialist rooms, including a food technology room, and a shared IT suite to support the students' learning. 

Students are encouraged to become more globally responsible through looking at materials, developments in technology and sustainable energy. This understanding is developed further as they move into GCSE and A-level. Within the curriculum a range of trips allows students to experience design outside of the classroom. Recently these have included trips to the Design Museum, Design Lectures and 100% Design.

Outside of the curriculum Design and Technology remains popular with F1 in Schools and VEX Robotics run across all Key stages, competing at National competitions; Y7 and 8 STEM Clubs entering varied National competitions and the UK Space Design competition being offered to year 11 and 6th form students.

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Assessment Process

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